This is a series we're doing in partnership with Exploded Drawing and False Flat.  These are split-45 singles with an out-of-town guest on the A side and on the flip, we have a member of Exploded Drawing representing Texas.  How the distribution works:  We press up 150 copies, with no re-press and no itunes.  We book a show either here in Austin or in the city of the producer on the A side.  Then we give them away for FREE at the door with the cost of admission (normally $5).  So in effect “You have to be there” in order to get a copy. We will not sell these 45s on-line and they will not be distributed nationally.  You can stream both songs and they will be available digitally in exchange for your email address at:




IRS-028 "You Had To Be There" Series #1

Zavala / soundfounder  “Baustin Bridge” b/w
AWW YEAHH” split 45

This is the first single in our new series.  For this one we bring together one of our own hometown producers from Exploded Drawing, soundfounder,  with the immensely talented guy from Chicago, Zavala, of the Fieldwerk Records family.  We will be giving away 150 copies of this single on August 31, 2012 at Exploded Drawing XVI going down at Baby Blue Studios, 1522 E. 12th St., Austin, TX  78702.  Butcher Bear plays records at 9pm, with Live sets starting at 10pm. We will also have CrushCon7 and Void Pedal, both from Fieldwerk Records, along with Eversive, Tangence and Kinder. This will also be Kinder’s record release party for IRS-022. His self-titled LP on CS.

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